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Love Hardwood But Need More? Our Rustic Wood Flooring Has What It Takes

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Our Rustic Wood Flooring Is Better Than Hardwood, Heres Why!

Do you love the timeless and elegant appearance of the traditional hardwood flooring system? Do you have hardwood but tired of having to perform hours upon hours of maintenance that will only need to be repeated next year? Wish you could use your favorite hardwood everywhere but are limited by its fragility and weakness to moisture? Well, at least you are not alone as millions of people around the world feel exactly the same way you do, but you do have the upper hand! Your advantage is that you are in the same town as one of the top rustic wood flooring installers in the city of Dallas!

With one of our wood stamped concrete flooring systems, you will not have any of the limitations that you would with traditional hardwood flooring systems and in most instances, our rustic wood flooring looks better than hardwood! Want to learn more about wood stamped concrete? We have all you need to know down below.


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    The Environmental Impact Of Hardwood

    Earths Saving Grace
    Rustic Wood Flooring Dallas

    When it comes to the traditional hardwood flooring stacked up against our rustic wood flooring system, you will see that the comparisons are not close at all. Down below, you are going to find out exactly why many home and even business owners are switching to the wood stamped concrete system over the traditional hard or soft wood flooring systems.

    One of the biggest problems that many people are having with traditional hardwood flooring is its impact on their environment. The average sized home can take up to 30 trees to make hardwood flooring and on a large scale, we are seeing millions of trees cut down every year to craft a subpar flooring system.

    With a wood stamped concrete, not only are we not cutting down trees, our wood stamped concrete won’t end up in the landfill when they are through being used as concrete is a degradable material! Not to mention, all the sealers and coatings used on wood stamped concrete are biodegradable unlike the sealers and polishes used on hardwood flooring.

    Wood Stamped Concrete
    Installation Process Of Rustic Wood Flooring
    This is where wood stamped concrete really shines. Though the process of stamping concrete may not be as fast as the plug and play process of hardwood, the results of wood stamped concrete blow those of hardwood away. Opposed to popular belief, the process of wood stamping concrete overlays is a fairly fast and efficient process when using professional contractors.
    The process is able to be completed in as little as 4-5 days to complete with additional time being needed if exterior concrete is being prepared. This is because we will never risk ruining your stamped concrete by installing it when there is over a 50 percent chance of rain during that day. For installation methods, you can rely on, give us a call today.
    Concrete Wood Floor
    Maintaining Your Rustic Wood Flooring
    This is where rustic wood flooring really takes an advantage over the traditional hardwood flooring. The rustic wood flooring system is actually one of the easiest flooring systems on the market to maintain thanks to its concrete based chemical makeup.
    Unlike hardwood, wood stamped concrete won’t need to be sanded, buffed or waxed every year or every other year. All you need to do with your rustic wood floor is make sure to keep a nice seal coat on its surface that will need to be done every 5-7 years! As for daily maintenance, there are no limitations. All you really need is a broom and a standard wet mop to get the job done. You can even use a hose on exterior rustic wood floors!
    Unlimited Applications

    Where Rustic Wood Flooring Is Used

    A Versatile Flooring System

    Unlike traditional hardwood flooring systems, rustic wood flooring can be used in a wide variety of settings and provide ample benefits wherever they may be placed. This is because our rustic wood floor coatings are naturally durable thanks to their concrete composure and the high-grade materials we use on all of our projects, no matter how big or how small.

    For the first time in history, you can have zero limits on where you can place your hardwood flooring and our team of professional concrete coating contractors has experience installing flooring anywhere and everywhere. With a professionally installed concrete wood floor, the possibilities are endless! Are you ready to see where you could place your new concrete wood floor coatings? We have taken the liberty in outlining the most common places our past clients have used wood stamped concrete in Dallas off to the side.


    With one of our high-grade sealers, your wood concrete can even resist stains from oils and tires

    • Garage Floors: Using wood concrete in the garage is a great way to create a flow leading into your home. It can also make the garage warmer and more welcoming
    • Pool Decking: Pool decks look amazing with wood, and with wood stamped concrete, you won’t have to worry about heavy maintenance
    • Retail Facilities: Retail facilities use wood concrete for its natural slip/skid resistance and protection against heavy foot traffic

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    We are one of the top rustic wood flooring providers in the Dallas area for a magnitude of reasons. We set our standards on a strict set of rules that we maintain for all of our clients’ projects. Down below, you will find our promises to you:

    • We promise to only use the highest grade materials on your project, no matter how big or how small
    • We promise to never rush your project but still get your coating done in a timely matter without pushing the limits of our materials, ruining your finish
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