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Interested in protecting your indoor and outdoor concrete from stains and damage? Want to transform ugly gray concrete into something decorative, clean, and easy to maintain? Our concrete coatings in Dallas, Texas can achieve all of these goals. We install durable and long-lasting concrete floor coatings for residential and commercial applications. Untreated concrete may be durable but it’s not indestructible. Concrete can deteriorate and become stained over time due to chemical exposure, moisture, vehicle traffic, heavy loads, and more.

With our decorative concrete coatings, your concrete will be protected by a wear-resistant layer that holds up against rain, vehicle traffic, oil and gas spills, temperature changes, and much more. Whether you choose a sleek and professional gray coating or something that creates a “wow” factor, you can count on our concrete floor epoxy coatings in Austin to simplify maintenance and create a safe, attractive surface.


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    Concrete Driveway Coatings


    Is your concrete driveway stained and showing its age? Do you want a slip-resistant, clean, and sharp-looking driveway that resists stains and damage?

    Our concrete driveway coatings are an economical way to transform your concrete driveway into something beautiful and low-maintenance. We install exterior concrete floor coatings for homeowners and businesses to boost your property’s value and curb appeal.

    We can update the look of your driveway with a sleek gray or neutral concrete coating or even decorative concrete coatings that achieve the look of pavers, brick, or slate.

    Your concrete coating will resist oil and gas spills, moisture, abrasion, and other types of damage to maintain a pristine look for years to come.

    Concrete Patio & Walkway Coatings
    Concrete walkways and patios look great at first but begin to show their age as the seasons change. From stains and cracks to mildew and discoloration, your exterior concrete can become an eyesore. Our concrete coatings in Dallas boost your property’s curb appeal and transform aging concrete from drab and stained to beautiful, slip-resistant, and professional.
    We apply exterior concrete floor coatings in Dallas, Texas for homeowners and business owners to protect and beautiful exterior concrete. Commercial properties often choose a neutral color such as gray or tan for exterior walkways but homeowners often prefer decorative concrete coatings to get the look of tile, pavers, brick, or unique patterns.
    Garage Concrete Floor Coatings
    Garage Concrete Floor Coatings
    Even with regular sweeping, there’s simply no way to keep an untreated concrete garage floor clean. Along with dust, your garage probably has its fair share of gas and oil stains from your car along with cracks and other types of damage. If you’re envisioning a clean, dry garage where you can work on your car or hobbies — or store your belongings without worrying about dust and debris — we can help. Our concrete floor coatings in Dallas, Texas are a popular solution for increasing your home’s value and making your garage like a showroom.
    Garage concrete coatings can easily last 20+ years. Our seamless coatings banish your cracked, dusty garage floor for good with an attractive and hardworking surface that can be customized with dozens of colors, styles, and fun effects.

    Basement Floor Coatings


    You have many options when it comes to basement flooring, including carpeting, laminate, and tile. While these may be good options, they don’t address the moisture problems you may experience in your basement.

    Our interior concrete floor coatings can be the ideal solution for basement flooring by transforming your basement into a dry, bright, and clean living area.

    Dallas concrete coatings work to stop moisture from seeping through your concrete walls and floors. Our decorative concrete coatings are an economical way to update your basement by adding a beautiful yet stain- and slip-resistant floor that can last decades. Not sure if concrete epoxy coatings are the right choice for your basement?

    Consider these benefits:
    • Concrete epoxy coatings stop concrete dusting.
    • Epoxy flooring is very stain resistant and easy to maintain. Simply sweep and mop as needed without worrying about seams, cracks, or joints.
    • Decorative concrete coatings give you limitless ways to customize the look of your basement.
    • Our concrete epoxy floor coatings can boost the brightness of your basement floor by up to 300%.
    • Concrete coatings are an effective way to waterproof your basement and stop moisture and mildew problems.
    Industrial Concrete

    Floor Coatings


    While concrete coatings have many applications for residential properties, most of our epoxy formulations were designed for heavy-duty industrial and commercial purposes.

    Specialized concrete coatings in Dallas, Texas offer excellent resistance to a wide range of hazards faced in factories, hospitals, retail stores, educational facilities, and more. No matter what type of facility you manage, you need flooring that’s up to the task. We can help you choose the right epoxy coating formulation to withstand corrosive liquids, harsh chemicals, heavy loads, vehicle traffic, extreme temperatures, and more.Click here if you are looking for Carpet Cleaning Corinth TX.

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    Questions about concrete coating service in Dallas, Texas? This is a good place to start! Give us a call with any additional concerns or questions you may have.
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    Q: How much experience do you have applying concrete coatings?

    A: Our team of licensed epoxy contractors have decades of combined experience applying all types of high-grade concrete coatings for residential and commercial purposes. With our extensive experience serving businesses and homeowners in Dallas, you can count on our contractors to deliver superior results that last.

    Q: Can you give me a free estimate?

    A: Of course! Please give us a call to arrange an in-person assessment of your concrete. Our technicians will consider the square footage, condition of your concrete, and the best concrete coating to give you an accurate estimate. We provide free estimates for all concrete coating services.

    Q: How long will Dallas concrete coatings really last?

    A: While the answer depends on many factors, including the grade of epoxy, surface prep, and expected wear and tear, our concrete floor epoxy coatings usually last for a minimum of 10 years, even in high-demand settings. Many concrete coatings in Dallas, Texas can even last 20 years or longer, particularly epoxy coatings in garages and basements.