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So, it is finally time to install new flooring in your home or facility. We have all been here before, this process can be a real pain in the neck especially when you’re under pressure to get the job done quickly. While some floors may have some decent benefits or look alright, do you really want to settle for an average flooring? Well, for our neighbors in Dallas Texas we have some amazing news for you! We are proud to announce that we are offering our epoxy flooring to you at low costs with fast installation times.

When other flooring options are average, we offer a superior flooring option that has all of the benefits you need and then some. Our goal is to make sure that you never have to settle for less than average flooring ever again, so allow us to tell you how our superior epoxy flooring can benefit your home and business facility.


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    Garage Floor Epoxy

    Garage Epoxy Flooring

    There has recently been a common trend among epoxy flooring installation in areas and that new trend is the installation of epoxy flooring in the garage. Epoxy flooring is being used more and more in the garage for many reasons like making the otherwise dimly lit and ugly area of most homes a welcoming and beautiful area of the home that you can argue is the highlight of the property.

    With an epoxy flooring system in place in the garage, you will never have to worry about those unsightly oils and gasoline stains ruining the appearance of the garage because epoxy cant be stained! All materials that are dropped on epoxy flooring in the garage are simply isolated on the top layer of epoxy so cleanup is a breeze! The garage floor epoxy has become heavily soiled? You can rinse epoxy flooring off with a hose!

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    Commercial Epoxy Flooring
    For the harsh environments that are found in commercial facilities, there has to be flooring in place that can protect the concrete slab from these conditions. This is where epoxy flooring is able to shine, with its unmatched durability.
    With epoxy flooring, the facility will be able to handle some intense damage from heavy vehicle and foot traffic, the impact from dropped objects and even the use of heavy machinery. Did you know that epoxy flooring is able to make the concrete slab up to 300 percent stronger and last an average of 2-3 times longer than a bare concrete slab? Epoxy Flooring is also one of the few USDA approved floorings that can be used in food and beverage plants along with medical facilities.
    Metallic Epoxy Flooring
    Tired of the same old song and dance when it comes to traditional floorings like tile and hardwood? Want a flooring that is impossible for anyone else to replicate? Then we have an epoxy flooring system that suits your needs just right, we are one of the few epoxy flooring companies in Dallas to offer metallic epoxy flooring. Metallic epoxy floorings are some of the strongest types of epoxies as they use the 100 percent solid epoxy system, so you won’t have to worry about giving up strength for appearance.
    Metallic epoxy flooring is created just about the same way as other epoxies, just with an additive of metallic pigments that are mixed in during the mixing process. Metallic epoxy can be used to create epoxy flooring that mimics lava flow, waves, and even look like clouds!

    Benefits Of Epoxy Flooring

    Why Epoxy Flooring Is Perfect For All Environments
    Epoxy flooring is one of the most unique floorings as they come chock-full of benefits. Below are some of the most popular benefits of epoxy flooring.
    • Chemical Resistance Epoxy flooring is chemical resistant thanks to its incredible top coat that is completely solid, so no type of liquid is able to pass through it. This is critical as epoxy flooring is able to be used in all garages, commercial and industrial facilities that handle chemicals.
    • Brightens The Area Another feat of epoxy flooring and its top coat is the ability to reflect light at a very high rate. This reflectivity has been tested and proven to make an area up to 300 percent brighter without the use of additional lighting sources.
    • Unlimited Customization Epoxy flooring has the benefit of being one of the most customizable if not the most customizable finishes in the entire flooring industry. There is a wide range of colors to choose from, choice of flakes and as mentioned above, metallic pigments.
    • Long Lifetime When epoxy flooring is installed professionally and has been properly maintained during its lifespan can last decades. There have been cases of epoxy flooring lasting well into its 30s when these guidelines have been met.
    • Fast Installation When you choose to go down the path of epoxy flooring, the area you are choosing to floor won’t be down for long. In an area like a 2 car garage, epoxy flooring can be installed in less than 3 days!
    Epoxy flooring is a great flooring solution that we provide, to find other services that we provide, check out the homepage!

    Industrial Epoxy Flooring


    While Epoxy Flooring is one of the top flooring choices for residential applications but, epoxy flooring was made for and strives in the harsh environment of the industrial facility. Epoxy flooring offers quite a few benefits that can maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of your facility.

    With an epoxy flooring system in place, your facility is going to be able to handle a wide range of chemical hazards and all moisture for that matter. Epoxy flooring is also one of the easiest flooring options ever to maintain as it doesn’t require the use of waxes or polishes to maintain its beautiful shine. All the time you save from not having to focus on maintenance can be put into getting the money making work done.

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