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Is Your Concrete Old And Damaged? You've Come To The Right Place!

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Concrete Resurfacing

What You Need To know About Concrete Resurfacing

Are you tired of getting quotes from unprofessional contractors who only have a goal in making money off of you? Is your concrete damaged and aged? Wish there was a way to bring your existing concrete slab back into its former glory without breaking the bank tearing out and replacing your concrete? While other concrete contractors in Dallas will try to say you in the path of replacement, we are an honest concrete coating company in Dallas that wants to save our neighbors a couple of thousands of dollars!

You may be asking how we can save you money bringing your concrete back to life, but the answer for us is very simple, with concrete resurfacing of course! With concrete resurfacing, not only can we repair and reforge your concrete back into its uniform appearance, we can take it a step further with any number of our amazing concrete coatings. Want to know more? We have all the information you need down below!


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    What Is Concrete Resurfacing?

    More Bang For Your Buck
    Dallas Concrete Resurfacing

    Thanks to the money grabbing concrete contractors, no many people really tend to understand what exactly concrete resurfacing is. So, we are making it our duty to lift the veil that unprofessional contractors have placed on this revolutionary process that can get your concrete back to working order at a fraction of the price of replacing your concrete.

    First of all, concrete resurfacing is done with a thin layer of concrete based material called a micro topping. This micro topping is a self-leveling system that is used to fill all of the cracks and gouges that are found on your concrete slab. The best part about this micro topping is that it can be used as your actual flooring system when paired with a concrete sealer or can be used as a base for any of our marvelous concrete coatings.

    To name a few of the ways you can implement customization on your concrete slab, you can use epoxy flooring, stamped concrete, rustic wood flooring, and even artistic concrete overlays to transform your concrete. Discover all of the ways that your home can be transformed by concrete resurfacing and coating on the home page!

    Commercial Concrete Resurfacing
    Commercial Resurfacing
    It doesn’t matter how new or even how high quality the concrete is in your commercial facility is, the inevitable fate of concrete is that it is going to become damaged, especially in the harsh setting of a commercial facility. Thankfully, when you resurface your commercial facilities concrete, you can avoid having to shut down for months to replace your concrete.
    After concrete resurfacing, many commercial owners opt into using the everlasting commercial epoxy flooring system that will keep you next resurfacing project far into the future. With commercial epoxy, your concrete will become resistant to most forms of physical and chemical harm. The best part is that commercial epoxy is approved by the USDA for use in sensitive facilities from food processing to medical.
    Concrete Resurfacing Dallas Tx
    Patio Resurfacing
    The patio is an area that many homeowners tend to entertain guests or spend lazy Sundays looking off into the sunset with a good book. So why would you have ugly and damaged concrete intruding on you and your guests? By resurfacing your patio, you stand a lot to gain in both the attraction and the safety department.
    We offer dozens of exterior concrete coatings that you can use to completely customize your space. From stamped concrete overlays all the way to the award-winning materials of Sundek, we offer coatings that can help keep you, your family and guests safer. All of our coatings offer an upgrade in slip/skid protection, heat deflection all with a beautiful seamless finish providing no tripping hazards in sight.
    Concrete Resurfacing

    Pool Deck Resurfacing

    How We Can Turn Your Backyard Into An Oasis

    One of the most common areas that concrete becomes damaged is on concrete pool decks. Think about it, your pool deck is constantly exposed to the constant crude elements and even to the harsh chemicals that we use in our pools, so no wonder they become damaged! Where most contractors will convince you replacing your concrete is the way, it’s a risky process. The plumbing to your pool and your actual pool can be put at risk during this process

    That is why we urge our neighbors in Dallas to consider pool deck resurfacing as this process can leave all your underlying plumbing and structural integrity of your pool untouched. Along with repairing all of the damage on your pool deck, we give our clients full control of how they can customize their pool decking as well. Off to the side, you will find all of the materials we offer.

    Stamped Concrete

    Stamped concrete offers amazing finishes ranging from natural stone, intricate paver patterns and even slate with the natural durability of concrete

    • Pavers: Pavers are most commonly used to craft timeless and elegant finishes that are both extremely durable and easy to maintain
    • Sundek: Sundek has been providing award-winning materials since the early 1970s
    • Rustic Wood Flooring: Wood stamped concrete gives you the ability to have hardwood outside without hours of preparation and maintenance
    • Repaint/Reseal: Sometimes, all your deck needs is a fresh coating of paint or sealers

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    Whole Home Application

    Driveway Resurfacing

    No-Hassle Concrete Coatings

    Your driveway serves as one of the main entry points of your home and the first thing that your guests see when they arrive at your home, shouldn’t it be crack and stain free? In most cases, driveways are the first concretes to crack due to the constant pressure of vehicles and moisture of the surrounding landscaping

    With driveway resurfacing, you won’t have to deal with loud machines early in the morning ripping your concrete out of the ground. All you need to deal with is the hard decision of the finish you want on your driveway. We offer stamped concrete driveways all the way to brushed finishes for a classy visual.

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