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Commercial flooring needs to be attractive to customers but it also needs to be safe, sanitary, and durable enough to withstand constant traffic, dropped objects, rolling carts, and strict cleaning protocols. While many commercial floors may look great at first, they quickly deteriorate, stain, and fail to live up to the hype.

Our commercial epoxy flooring in Dallas, Texas meets even the strictest requirements for your facility. We offer a wide range of specialized high-performance commercial concrete epoxy coatings to meet the unique needs of your business. Whether you are concerned with appearance, slip resistance, moisture problems, or your floor’s ability to resist damage from harsh chemicals, our commercial epoxy delivers.


Industries We Serve in Dallas, TX


We offer industrial-grade commercial epoxy flooring solutions for all types of industries in Dallas, Texas including schools, hospitals, vet clinics, restaurants, and shopping centers. No matter the needs of your facility, we will work with you to choose a specialized commercial epoxy resin formulation that will offer years of reliable use. Our commercial epoxy flooring in Dallas doesn’t just look great; it performs well against a broad range of intense conditions to best reflect your company’s values of safety and customer service.

Here are common industries we serve in Dallas. If your business isn’t listed, we can still help. Give us a call to discuss your facility’s unique needs so we can help you choose the right commercial epoxy floor coating. For more flooring options like epoxy flooring that you can use for your commercial facility check out the homepage!

Animal care
Animal care facilities like kennels, vet exam rooms and operating facilities, and animal boarding. Our seamless epoxy flooring stands up to abrasion and accidents with a surface that’s easy to clean and maintain.
Food service
We understand that restaurants require sanitary, durable flooring that’s also attractive and slip-resistant. Our USDA approved commercial kitchen flooring epoxy in Dallas can be used in all areas of a restaurant to improve safety and cleanliness.
Our commercial epoxy flooring in Dallas, Texas is able to meet the high demands of any retail space including the ability to withstand wear, spills, and heavy loads without deteriorating. Our epoxy systems never require polishing or waxing and can be customized to match your store’s design.
A commercial epoxy floor coating in Dallas is the top choice for all types of healthcare facilities, including hospitals, operating rooms, clinics, physicians’ offices, labs, patient rooms, and restrooms. This is because USDA-approved epoxy floor systems are seamless, do not harbor pathogens, and are easy to sanitize without deterioration.
public safety
Public safety
We install commercial epoxy flooring in many types of public safety buildings, including correctional facilities, fire stations, apparatus bays, maintenance shops, and more. Commercial epoxy resin in Dallas creates a safe, non-slip surface that withstands many forms of damage.

Benefits of Dallas Commercial Epoxy Flooring


We have found that commercial epoxy floor coatings offer unique benefits for nearly any industry. Commercial kitchen flooring epoxy in Dallas delivers a seamless, non-slip surface that meets USDA hygiene requirements. Commercial epoxy also withstands gasoline, lubricants, and vehicle traffic in auto body shops and heavy loads, forklift operation, and corrosive chemical spills in manufacturing facilities. Here are some of the most important benefits of commercial concrete floor epoxy.

Meets Strict Hygiene Requirements
In healthcare facilities and the food processing and service industries, cleanliness is one of the most important factors when choosing a flooring solution. Our commercial epoxy flooring in Dallas, Texas is USDA approved with a seamless installation that does not harbor bacteria or dirt. Commercial kitchen flooring epoxy and healthcare epoxy are easy to sanitize and withstand even harsh cleaning protocols without deterioration.
Very Low Maintenance
While it’s important to choose a durable flooring system that withstands damage from many sources, flooring with high maintenance requirements like waxing and polishing comes with a high lifecycle cost and other issues. Our commercial epoxy resin is the ultimate in low-care flooring. This seamless floor system can be swept and mopped easily with no polishing or waxing ever required. It can also resist damage from even harsh or abrasive cleaning products.
Chemical Resistance
Great Wear and Chemical Resistance
Some commercial floor systems look great at first but soon show stains, wear patterns, abrasion, and more. All industries can benefit from commercial epoxy’s excellent resistance to wear, abrasion, and impact damage. A commercial epoxy floor coating in Dallas can withstand heavy loads, vehicle traffic, constant foot traffic, spills, and more without showing its age. This means no premature flooring replacement, costly maintenance and repairs, or an unprofessional and dingy floor. Commercial epoxy can also resist damage from harsh, abrasive, and corrosive chemicals like battery acid, gasoline and oil.
Design options
Unlimited Color and Design Options
You don’t need to settle for flooring available in only a few standard colors. We make it easy to match your new flooring system with your business’s decor and branding with limitless options in terms of color, effects, and patterns.
You can add a business logo to the lobby, use your branded colors in a flake pattern, or incorporate striping to designate foot and vehicle traffic areas, work areas, and more.

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If you have any questions about installing professional commercial concrete floor epoxy, please give us a call. We are always here to answer any questions you have and to provide a free estimate. Here are some common questions about epoxy flooring.

Q: How durable are commercial grade epoxy floors?

A: We have found that commercial epoxy flooring in Dallas, Texas is one of the most durable flooring solutions available for businesses and facility managers. Epoxy meets even the strictest hygiene and safety standards and resists most forms of damage. Commercial epoxy resin can last for 10-20 years, even in demanding conditions, without deteriorating.

Q: What are some of the benefits of epoxy flooring?

Commercial epoxy offers dozens of benefits. Depending on your industry, your facility may benefit from:

  • A low lifecycle cost with a long lifespan and very little maintenance required
  • 10-20 years or longer before a new coating is necessary
  • Minimal maintenance necessary aside from sweeping and mopping
  • Never requires waxing or polishing
  • Easy to sanitize and clean, even to restaurant and healthcare standards
  • Seamless surface does not hide dirt, debris, or bacteria
  • Withstands vehicular traffic and heavy loads
  • Excellent resistance to corrosive liquid, harsh cleaning products, gas and oil spills, moisture, heat, and cold temperatures
  • Appearance that can be customized to match your business
Q: How will the concrete be prepared before epoxy is installed?

A: We will assess your concrete floor prior to giving you an estimate to determine the amount of prep work that will be necessary. The previous concrete coating may need to be removed if it’s incompatible with the new commercial epoxy. Any damage to your concrete, such as cracks or irregularities, will also need to be repaired to ensure seamless, smooth results. Finally, we will lift stains and grind the surface of the concrete to ensure a superior bond.