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Pool Deck Repair

Go for a swim and get out to a rejuvenated pool deck surface!

When your pool deck is lacking in appearance and feel, the frame of your pool is no longer doing what it’s supposed to do. Your pool deck has to be functional but attractive in appearance and feel because those factors will either make or break the overall feel of your backyard.

Your pool deck surface needs to be functional enough for you, your friends, and family to enjoy walking across it, standing on it, and spending time on it. Having a pool deck repair helps breathe life back into your entire backyard.

Our team here in Dallas, Texas offers affordable and easy solutions to any issues you may be having with your pool deck concrete. Damaged pool decks run the risk of:

  • Being safety hazards
  • Lowering property value
  • Causing foundational issues
  • Creating true eye-sores


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    Dallas Deck Repair

    Pool Deck Resurfacing

    Resurface your pool deck concrete for a new look
    Pool Deck Repair Dallas

    One of the most popular options for pool deck repairs is pool deck resurfacing. Your pool deck, over the years and the constant exposure to the Texas sun, will begin to wear down. As your pool deck begins to age and damage, there are other issues that begin to arise, including safety and property value.

    Pool deck resurfacing offers pool deck owners an ability to rejuvenate their pool decks without replacing the entire surface. This type of pool deck repair is quick and easy without causing too much noise, taking up too much space, or taking up too much of your time.

    Pool Deck Resurfacing benefits to consider include:
    • Its cost-effective options, with prices ranging between $3-$12 per square foot
    • Resurfacing means you have a choice to make between pavers, stamped concrete, stained concrete, and more!
    • Add more grip for an anti-skid surface
    • Create a pool deck that is heat resistant and UV-ray protected
    • Fewer materials used means resurfacing creates less waste and offers an eco-friendly solution
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    Pool Deck Crack Repair
    Why can’t you ignore cracks in your pool deck surface? Because a simple crack can grow into a very large and invasive problem causing serious and expensive foundational issues. Cracks are quick and easy blemishes that can be taken care of; however, when they are left to grow and expand issues arise. Concrete cracks grow because pool deck concrete expands and shrinks on a regular basis due to temperature changes, so existing cracks will continue to worsen as time goes on.
    Cracks that are left alone create issues like:
    • Allowing pool chemicals to fall in between the cracks
    • Foundational issues as they expand
    • Eye-sores and property value issues
    • Weeds grow in through cracks
    • Mold and mildew
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    Pool Deck Repair Coating Options
    When choosing between acrylic pool deck options and Kool deck, it is important to always know what you want from your backyard pool deck. Here are the pros of both pool deck repair options, which one answers your wants and needs for your home pool deck.
    Kool Deck:
    • Lowers surface temperature
    • Resists concrete expansion and contraction, lowering cracks
    • Is very easy to clean
    Acrylic Deck:
    • It can be applied to mimic flagstone, tile, and brick
    • Can be acid-stained or textured
    • It can be applied to most concrete surfaces
    • Can be stain-resistant
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    Pool Deck Repair signs and options

    Consider the following signs of damage and options of repair

    If your pool deck looks or feels unenjoyable it will ruin the entire atmosphere of your pool deck area. There are many signs that your pool deck concrete gives off well before an entire pool deck repair needs to take place if you stay attuned to the signs your concrete deck is giving you there is a chance that you can repair your deck before issues get out of hand.

    Frequent exposure to pool chemicals, UV-rays, and temperature changes do take a large toll on the well-being of your concrete. Sometimes, we don’t notice the signs, call a professional to inspect your pool deck surface to discuss possible pool deck repairs and more.

    What are the signs you should be looking for?

    Signs to look for:

    • Cracks that have moved beyond surface level spiderwebs
    • Stains that are distracting you from the rest of your pool deck
    • Peeling coatings and paints
    • A surface that is too hot to walk on
    • If you’re slipping around the on the pool deck
    • Any rough spots should be repaired

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    Repairing your pool deck raises your property value significantly, increases enjoyment, and creates a safe and fun environment for you, friends, and family. Do not trust just anyone with your concrete pool deck.

    We offer trustworthy, hard-working, experienced, and licensed technicians that will turn your pool deck from dull and boring to bright and safe.

    For more information on the best way for a pool deck repair call the company that offers a quick response, affordable materials, and an easy fix!

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