Fantastic Epoxy Floors Are Completely Changing Interior Designs

Fantastic Epoxy Floors Are

Completely Changing Interior Designs

Interior Designs
Have you seen the increasing interest from designers using epoxy flooring systems in modern homes and wonder what all of the hype is about? Wondering what makes epoxy floors such an appealing option for interior use and not in garages, commercial or industrial facilities because that’s where they belong. Right? Well, no actually. The epoxy flooring system has been around for decades and is now recently being discovered as interior designers’ best friend. With a wide array of customization and immediate availability, we are going to talk about why you shouldn’t count out epoxy flooring when designing your home.
A Versatile Option
Versatile Option
We know that life in the real world isn’t always a cakewalk and your home’s flooring can fall victim to accidents and will be used daily. Where other flooring systems fall apart with heavy use, epoxy flooring can stand up to anything you can throw at it, almost literally. The ultra-durable design of epoxy floors makes it perfectly fine to use in any area of your home from your bathroom, kitchen and even bedrooms. We understand that sometimes it is easy to get tired of a floor coating when you see it every day and that’s fine with epoxy flooring. The epoxy can simply be used as a base for other flooring systems!
Designing Your Dream Flooring
Dream Flooring
When it comes to choosing your next flooring system, you are making a huge investment into the next 10-30 years of your life depending on the type of flooring you choose. With epoxy flooring, designing your dream flooring is as easy as ever as the epoxy is applied in a liquid material. With this wonderful liquid, the only limitations you will find are the limitations of your imagination. With epoxy flooring, you can find yourself with the following options:
  • Wide range of base colors to choose from
  • The option to use metallic pigments to create a special flooring
  • The option to have logos or emblems installed directly into the flooring
  • A wide range of designs can be achieved such as tile, woods and even natural stones
The Dazzling Metallic Epoxy Flooring System
Dazzling Metallic
Just because you are using epoxy doesn’t mean that your flooring system has to be drab or boring, you have the world at your fingertips! One of the most exotic forms of epoxies is the metallic epoxy flooring system and it can provide some of the most jaw-dropping finishes that you have ever seen! With a metallic epoxy system, we have outlined a few of the finishes you can display down below:
  • A sky full of puffy clouds
  • Waves crashing into beaches
  • Slow flowing lava
  • A pure glitter flooring!
Metallic epoxy offers little to no limitations with customization so don’t be afraid to go all out!
Carefree Maintenance
Carefree Maintenance
In homes that don’t only hold people but have families living in them, it is important to have a flooring system that can withstand how hard children and pets can be on the flooring. Not only can epoxy flooring resist scratches from your pet’s nails and abrasions from playtime, but it can also make cleaning up after a much easier task. Even when using a pure white flooring system, a high-grade epoxy flooring will never become stained even from wine or grape juice! There are also zero waxes or polishes required for the maintenance of epoxy so you can kiss expensive maintenance bills goodbye. All you need to maintain your epoxy flooring is a soft bristle broom and a standard wet mop combined with an approved epoxy cleaner from your contractor.
Implementing Designs
Implementing Designs
Homeowners and business owners have one thing in common, they love showing off! That is how epoxy flooring can really spice up your home or business, by showcasing your own brands’ logo or your favorite brand right under the top layer of your epoxy flooring. There are even companies that offer more than picture designs, you can have flashy designs installed to improve the functuay of your home or business. Don’t be afraid to run ideas past your contractor, the results are always sure to amaze!
Installation Times
Installation Times
It doesn’t matter if you are designing a home or a business, the time it takes to install a flooring system can play a major role in which material you choose to go with. This is epoxy flooring strong suit; besides unlimited customization and unmatched durability. When using a professional contractor, you can expect your epoxy flooring to be ready for use in 4-5 days! This is faster than tile and sometimes even hardwood.