Epoxy Injection For Concrete Crack Repair

Epoxy Injection For

Concrete Crack Repair

When it comes to cracks in your concrete, there are plenty of ways that you can repair them. A few examples of these repair materials are the concrete based crack fillers, concrete overlays, and the epoxy injection. One thing is for sure, if you want to maintain the structural integrity of your concrete after it has become cracked, you only have one option. Epoxy injection. Epoxy injection crack repair can maintain the rigidity of your concrete slab while providing the waterproofing on your concrete that cement-based materials cant provide. Ready to learn why epoxy injection is the best route for concrete crack repair? We have all of the information you need to know about this process down below!
Why Did My Concrete Crack?
Before we can really get into how to repair your cracks, it is good to know where the cracks in your concrete came from before investing in repairing it. While the age of your concrete can play a role in how your concrete has cracked, there are usually exterior benefactors that play a larger role than age. We have outlined the most common causes of cracking concrete down below:
  • Misplaced or lack of expansion joints
  • Settling/ lack of supporting material
  • Type and age of concrete used
  • Thermal contraction and expansion
  • Overloading your concrete with weight
  • Heavy dropped objects
Why Should I Repair My Concrete?
Another common question clients ask their contractors is why do they need to repair their concrete? Well, when your concrete is cracked, you are allowing conditions that can negatively affect the concrete to happen faster. There are dozens of reasons why you should repair your concrete right when it becomes damaged in the first place. So, we have outlined the pros of repairing your concrete and the cons of not repairing your concrete down below:
  • Concrete can last decades longer
  • A waterproof surface
  • Protection from other cracks forming
  • Concretes lifespan drastically decreases
  • Low curb appeal
  • A decrease in the value of your home
Preparing For The Repair
The most crucial part of repairing your crack isn’t the actual application of the epoxy crack filler, it is how well you prepare the concrete for the repair that is critical. Since the actual repair of the crack cant be completed until the surface is properly prepared, we have taken the liberty in outlining how you should prepare your concrete for this money-saving process:
  • Extend crack by at least one inch on each side
  • The ideal crack widening is a V-shaped cut
  • Wire brushes can be used to clean the area
  • A more viable option is a high output pressure washer
  • Allow the area to dry; heat or air guns can be used to dry faster
  • Make sure to have the epoxies readily available
Time To Repair
When it comes time to repair the cracks in concrete with epoxy injection, don’t be intimidated. The process is actually much easier than the pictures online can tell you. To make sure that you have a grasp on what you are doing, we have outlined a few tips to follow that should make the process much easier:
  • Start with low pressure work your way up
  • Watch out for backflow, debris may still obstruct the crack
  • Use a chisel, scraper or heat gun to remove the epoxy paste
  • Keep ports sealed for at least 48 hours to ensure a proper seal
  • Check with your materials to ensure the crack is not too wide
  • Take small breaks when filling larger cracks to make sure it is working
  • Mark all leaks, small leaks can be marked with a crayon
  • Use a bead of caulk to outline small cracks to minimalize waste
Now that you know everything there is to know about concrete crack repair with concrete injection, you are on the path to getting your durable concrete slab back! But, in most cases, it pays off to simply use a professional contractor for this process. A contractor will know exactly what materials should be used and the best methods for using said materials. Either way, your concrete will end up good as new, if not better!