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All You Need To Know About Our Epoxy Garage Floor Coating

Is your garage dim, damaged, or just outright hideous? Do you wish that your garage was safer to work in or easier to maintain without spending thousands of dollars with tricks that might not even work? Even if you have found a coating for your garage that might work, contractors can take advantage of you and make you overpay well over what the going rate is or even install the coating incorrectly causing it to fail only after a few months. Don’t let the wrongdoings of others put a damper on what you are trying to achieve! Use one of our award-winning epoxy garage floor coatings!

Epoxy garage floor coatings are among some of the most popular coatings in the flooring industry period and its for good reason! Garage floor epoxy is able to outperform all other garage floor coatings by a long shot while maintaining a price that won’t break the bank. Want to learn more about epoxy floor coatings? We have all you need to know about them down below.


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    Professional Installations

    The Installation Process Of Epoxy Flooring

    Fast And Efficient
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    One of the biggest misconceptions about our epoxy garage floor coating is that it takes ages to install and be ready for use. We are proud to say that our garage epoxies are one of the fastest floorings on the market to install! Down below, we will outline what it is really like to have an epoxy garage floor installed in your home:

    The process of garage floor epoxies is fairly simple to a trained professional but can lead to disaster if attempted by an unprofessional contractor which is why we recommend only using professional assistance with your garage epoxy!

    With that being said, the standard 2 car garage in Plano, Texas usually one takes around 4 days to install before it is ready to be used. But, the actual installation of your garage floor epoxy actually takes place on day one of the project. The final 72 hours are used for the curing process of the epoxy. That is why we say that designing your epoxy can take longer than installing it!

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    How To Maintain Your Garage Epoxy
    One of the easiest tasks in life could be maintaining your garage floor epoxy coating. This is because opposed to other flooring systems for your garage, garage floor epoxy doesn’t require any messy and expensive waxes or polishes to maintain its glossy and attractive finish.
    All you really need to maintain your garage epoxy floor coating in Dallas is a soft bristle broom or dust mop and a standard wet mop for the routine maintenance of garage epoxy. What many residential garages do to clean their flooring off plays into the waterproof finish of garage epoxy. Residential garage owners can simply use their standard garden hose to wash off the flooring. It isn’t recommended for commercial garages as you could wash harmful chemicals into the environment.
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    How Epoxy Can Make Your Garage Safer
    Garage floor epoxy has the benefit of safety that almost no other flooring system on the market can offer. While epoxy can keep your concrete safer, here’s how it can keep you safe. Garage floor epoxy coatings offer an amazing light reflection that can make your garage up to 300 percent brighter without having to use additional lighting sources, making it easier to see and work in your garage while keeping your power bill down!
    We know that the garage is an area that can become wet or soiled pretty easily, that is why we offer a silica sand additive for all of our epoxy garage floor coatings. The silica sand additive will give your epoxy texture and therefore making it easier and safer to walk on when wet or soiled.
    Endless Options

    Types Of Garage Epoxies

    The Industries Most Used Flooring Systems

    One of the best parts about using garage epoxy is the wide amount of variations that are offered to completely transform your garage. If you are looking for a custom garage floor coating, you have come to the right place! Our team of epoxy flooring contractors are trained and have decades of combined experience providing one of a kind flooring systems to our neighbors in Dallas, Texas.

    While the durability and ease of maintenance of epoxy floor coatings are a nice bonus, the customization of the garage epoxy is a must in many instances. Ready to learn the different types of garage floor epoxy? We have taken the liberty in outlining the best ways to customize your garage epoxy over to the side.

    • Metallic Garage Floor Epoxy: With metallic epoxy, you can craft finishes like clouds, embers, and even waves crashing into the beach with the 100 percent solid epoxy system, which is what is used in industrial epoxy
    • Epoxy Flake Garage Floor: Flakes are the most common forms of garage epoxy configurations and can even give the epoxy texture, hence making it safer to walk on
    • Stencils: We can use stencils to craft text, arrows, barriers and even walk and vehicle paths for our commercial clients
    • Logos: Have a favorite sports team or love your companies logo? We can have installed directly into your flooring!

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    We are one of the top epoxy garage floor coating providers in the Dallas area for a magnitude of reasons. We set our standards on a strict set of rules that we maintain for all of our clients’ projects. Down below, you will find our promises to you:

    • We promise to only use the highest grade materials on your project, no matter how big or how small
    • We promise to never rush your project but still get your coating done in a timely matter without pushing the limits of our materials, ruining your finish
    • We promise to provide you with a free, professional quote when you call us today!
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