Choose an Epoxy Contractor Wisely

Choose an Epoxy

Contractor Wisely

Choosing Concrete Contractors
Choosing who you are going to have in your home or your business is scary enough but now you’re trusting these persons to truly know what they’re doing, install protective flooring, and to have answers to the questions and concerns you express. Frankly, you can’t trust everyone who throws a good price at you without checking all of the facts in front of you. This is the era of technology, in this case, computers and smartphones are playing a big role in who you should choose to work on your floors. There are things, stats, and reviews that you can check on about a company before you hire them, so what should you be checking? Here is a short checklist that you can use to help you narrow down your search on a truly experienced and knowledgeable contractor.
Concrete Contractors
This does not mean search for a contractor in your area, this means to learn about the different epoxy coatings, soak up as much knowledge as you can about different products and what they do. Keep in mind while researching, you are wanting your epoxy installed in a specific place, make sure this epoxy would be long-lasting and well suited for that area, then see who is near you.
  • Check on the different epoxy floor coatings and know what they each have to offer
  • Keep in mind the area you want epoxy flooring installed and check to ensure that the flooring you want is suitable for the area you’re looking to cover
  • Check for contractors that are either nearby or will come to your area
Epoxy Flooring Contractors
The best time to talk about a license and insurance is the first talk. This is an important topic and should never be ignored. If you don’t want to ask in person or over the phone, the internet is a lovely place, and you can search to ensure that the company that is promising you the world has the knowledge to do so.
  • If you can’t find the license on your own, ask, and if they don’t tell you right away, don’t hire them.
  • Research their company and ensure that everything they promise you is written down
  • Ask them to provide copies and documentation of insurance and all other notes and paperwork
  • Insurance is important because it ensures that any damaged caused to your property
  • while the contractor is working in that space, that is caused by the contractor, will have to be taken care of
Checking The References
Guess what? You don’t have to take the business you’re interested in at their word! You can check online once again! If you’re satisfied with the aforementioned steps and questions, then make sure to check with either the consumer protection agency of your state or you can check on other search engines for customer reviews.
  • Check more than one avenue for adequate reviews
  • Ensure reviews are credible
  • You can check if any action lawsuits have ever been filed against the company
Concrete Resurfacing
If the reviews you found seem “off” or inauthentic, ask for references, any good company will have a list of past customers that can give you truthful opinions about the work they received.
  • Good companies are proud of their work and want to show it off, they will be able to show pictures and have people for you to contact
  • Ask for a portfolio of different work that has been done
  • Previous customers are the best references because they will give honest opinions about professionalism and the final product
Concrete Resurfacing Contractors
A good company doesn’t have to be up and running for 5 decades before it is deemed a good company, a newly started company can be much more talented and better suited for what you. Maybe looking for. The better way to check on longevity is to check the knowledge and experience of the individual contractors. Check the contractor’s track record and ask for samples if necessary.
  • The longevity of a business doesn’t always mean they’re going to be the best for you
  • Check on the individual contractors that work in the epoxy flooring company you want to hire
  • Again, references for the individual contractor or the company as a whole
Service Contract
This cannot be stressed enough! Verbal promises and agreements are not law binding, so whatever is spoken and promised should also be written and signed.
  • Any contracts and warranties for before, during, and after work has been completed should always be in writing
  • It is not unusual for a company or contractor to ask for a deposit before starting the work but make sure that the evidence of your payment and promise to complete the started work is written and signed with details about your expectations and their abilities
  • Read the warranties carefully! Make sure you are getting exactly what you are looking for and if not then move on
Stamped Concrete Contractors
If you’ve done your research, you’re semi-sure what you want or maybe you’re 100% sure on what you want! Regardless, make sure the company you want to hire also has the epoxy flooring you want and need for your space!
  • Make sure your contract states what type of coating you want and what coating they are using
  • Ask specific questions about primers, colors, designs, and installations
  • If you want a specific type of brand for your flooring it is important to discuss that before a contract being drawn up
Concrete Repair
Are their prep methods suitable for your area? Some steps need to be taken before an installation being started and if the company can’t answer those questions, run away quickly.
  • Moisture and temperature testing are crucial for a proper installation
  • Repair and clean the floors before any coating is applied
  • Ensure that the floors are free from previous coatings, paints, oils, or stains, if the company cannot handle a dirty floor then you need to move on
Check with your available resources and trust your gut. Don’t hire just anyone to work on your floors.