7 Flooring Trends to See Before Your Next Renovation

7 Flooring Trends to See Before Your

Next Renovation

Home Flooring Renovation
Updating, change, renovation, these are all things we as humans want as time goes by and we spend years in the same space. Thankfully, with the advancement in technology, enhancing your floors and/or replacing them completely doesn’t have to take up a crazy amount of your time or your money. Learn about the 7 flooring trends of this year and choose which one would be right for you!
Hex Tiles
Hex Tiles
This classically contemporary style of flooring has become one of 2019’s most desirable tile flooring patterns! These floors tend to look busy and should be installed in a very minimalist looking environment, like bathrooms, to help the floors and the room shine.
  • Hexagon tiles gained traction in the 20th century
  • Most of these tiles are used in kitchens and bathrooms but can be great additions to living rooms and other areas
  • They are versatile and can create a vintage look, a chic elegant look, or a very contemporary type of look
Terrazzo Flooring
Epoxy Terrazzo
This flooring is having a moment in 2019! Not only are people in homes and businesses craving these floors to liven up their space, but this also isn’t the first moment they’ve had. The first time these floors appeared on the scene it was in the 18th century and the scene was in Venice where, cheaper than the marble but close in appearance, many people used to decorate their homes.
  • Terrazzo had ups and downs during the 19th century because of the U.S. interior design scene introducing carpet, wood flooring, and porcelain tiles
  • During the height of the aforementioned flooring, terrazzo became mainly used in commercial settings into the 20th century
  • Now with a streamlined minimalist look taking hold of our new generation of home buyers and owners, terrazzo flooring has made its come back and is here to stay
Wide Plank White Oak
Wide Plank White Oak
These floors are known for their incredible durability. Why is durability important for wood flooring? Because even though most wood floors are beautiful, they aren’t very durable, so white oak is changing the game!
  • White oak floors are rich in light natural tones and come in different textures
  • With this type of wood flooring, your color options are much more flexible
  • Three of the most popular different textures include brushed surfaces, footworn surfaces, and hand-scraped edges
Herringbone Hardwood
Herringbone Hardwood Flooring
Where does this type of hardwood flooring installation get its unique style? The look comes from very. Old churches and other structures-built hundreds of years ago and these floors have their start in history in the areas of Egypt.
  • The style is completed by installing relatively small block-like pieces of wood in a pattern that looks like the skeleton of a fish
  • These designs are noted to be elegant and timeless
  • You don’t have to use the same color throughout the installation, different colored wood can be used throughout the pattern
Polished Concrete Flooring
Polished Concrete Flooring
Concrete flooring has taken on a whole new meaning! Before, hard concrete was thought to be only for industrial type areas and garages, but now that is all changing. Polished concrete floors create minimalistic looks and provide sustainable flooring for many different homes because of their longevity and resistance to damage.
  • Polished concrete floors are versatile and can be used in any style of a home
  • Wood and other home materials elevate the appearance of concrete floors
  • Your floors will be resistant to water, staining, scratching, wear/tear, and impact
Whitewashed Wide Plank Floors
White Washed Hardwood Flooring
California started it! Whitewashed hardwood floors create very relaxed and beach-type designs for the interior part of homes. The style took hold in California and has slowly begun to spread to other sections of the country.
  • Great for the newly trending farmhouse style
  • The floors show signs of wear and people love it
  • This look brightens the home and helps the space look bigger and feel more relaxed
Glossy Black Hardwood Flooring
Stained Hardwood Flooring
This is simply an elegant style of flooring that creates a fantastic contrast to a perfectly lit room. With bright walls, open windows, and light furniture, black hardwood floors are the star of the show.
  • A very modern and minimalistic style that has been on the rise for a decade but has finally taken hold
  • If you didn’t install these floors having them updated is a much more cost-effective option
  • These are great floors for homes without pets and children