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Pool Deck Resurfacing

All You Need To Know About Our Time And Money Saving Service

Are you tired of having to deal with your damaged or aged concrete pool deck especially with summer right around the corner? Wish there was a way to get your concrete pool deck back into its former glory without breaking the bank tearing out and replacing your existing pool deck? Well, if you are ready to save money and time, you’ve found the right concrete contractors in Dallas, Texas! We are one of the few honest contractors that offer the service of pool deck resurfacing! With pool deck resurfacing you can:

  • Completely Customize Your Backyard
  • Leave Your Landscaping Unscathed
  • Increase The Longevity Of Your Concrete

Pool deck resurfacing is the miracle cure to aged and damaged concrete that can save you tens of thousands of dollars and weeks of time without having to pursue an intrusive procedure on your existing concrete. Want to learn more about our concrete resurfacing services? We have outlined all you need to know about our process down below.


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    What Is Pool Deck Resurfacing?

    Making An Oasis In Your Own Backyard
    Pool Deck Resurfacing

    One of the biggest questions we get about this process is what exactly is pool deck resurfacing? Well, one of the most important features of pool deck resurfacing is that it is affordable and can be completed in as little as one week! But, the actual process of pool deck resurfacing is a very straight forward process, for our professional concrete resurfacing contractors that is!

    The first step of any pool deck resurfacing project is a cleaning of the pool decking and the removal of all stains from the slab. After the slab is thoroughly cleaned, we use a super thin micro topping is placed over your concrete to remove imperfections such as cracking and gouges to give you a clean slate to start with. You will learn more about the customization of your pool deck down below.

    Pool Deck Repair
    How Long Does Pool Deck Resurfacing Take?
    With summer always seeming to be right around the corner, we wouldn’t waste your time with a project that could take weeks to complete! With pool deck resurfacing, we have found that designing your pool deck can actually take longer than the actual project itself! With that being said, there are plenty of moving parts associated with pool deck resurfacing that we have to look out for.
    For example, inclement weather can put a damper on your project and even times of extreme heat can play a role. But, with a smooth running project, our team of professional concrete resurfacing contractors can have you using your pool deck within one week in most cases!
    Pool Deck Repair Dallas
    How Long Will A Resurfaced Pool Deck Last?
    When it comes down to it, you can expect your resurfaced pool deck to last a very long time. Our goal is to bring your concrete slab back to its former glory with this process and to stretch the life of your concrete slab. Depending on the structural integrity of your concrete slab, we can make your slab last decades longer.
    Depending on the material that you use to coat your concrete slab, the results can be magnified tenfold! At the end of the day, your resurfaced pool deck can last as long as possible when you take into account proper maintenance and professional pool deck resurfacing and pool deck repair when the time comes.
    Unlimited Customization

    Customizing Your Pool Deck

    Only With The Limitations Of Your Own Imagination

    When it comes to customizing your pool decking, we allow more options than most other pool decking companies in Dallas, Texas! We love giving you the chance to make your dreams come true with your own personal flair added to your pool decking that many homeowners never get the chance to experience as many homes are bought with the pool decking already installed.

    By turning a bad situation into an opportunity, pool deck resurfacing is the most affordable way to craft a one of a kind pool decking with the only limitations being those of your own imagination. Remember, you are not limited to only one of the coatings present on our list and there may even be more coatings available at the time you give us a call. So, off to the side, we have taken the liberty in outlining all of our most popular pool deck resurfacing coatings:

    Our Most Popular Coatings:
    • Pavers: Pavers are an amazing way to keep your underlying concrete protected as they offer tremendous protection against heavy foot traffic and even the harsh chemicals found in most pools
    • Decorative Overlays: Decorative overlays include stamped overlays and artistic overlays that can be used to craft natural stone, marbling and even intricate paver patterns
    • Sundek: Sundek has been providing top-notch materials since their creation in the early 1970s, including the classic knockdown texture
    • Wood Stamped Concrete: Wood stamped concrete can be used in the place of hardwood with an identical finish with the durability of concrete

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    Pool Deck Repair

    You Can Rely On Us!

    Sometimes, you won’t need to have the entire pool deck resurfaced, sometimes all you need is pool deck repair! Our team of concrete repair contractors knows what it takes to make your crack, gouge or peeled coating blend right back into the rest of your pool decking without resurfacing the entire deck.

    Remember, if a vast majority of your deck is damaged, you will need pool deck resurfacing to get the decking back into working order, but if a tiny area is affected, we can get you back on track and ready for summertime fun time with your family in as little as one day!

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